9 Different Types Of Cubes With Names

9 Different Types Of Cubes With Names

 Brain teasers are the perfect way to pass your time and sharpen your mind. Throughout history, there has been an evolution of brain teasers over time. There have been so many different creations to develop the brain via games and activities. One such brain teaser is the Rubik’s cube.

 In an era, where we all are highly dependent on technology to remember everything for us, cube puzzles are an excellent way to keep your brain sharp. Click here to find a variety of such cube puzzles by one of the leading producers in India.

There are a number of variations of the cube puzzle. They appear in exciting shapes and sizes. They have been listed below, however, the list is not exhaustive. Take a look and decide which ones you want to try!

1. Classic 3x3 Cube -

Owing to a smaller size and lightness, the classic 3x3 cube comes with a smooth mechanism and extraordinary overall performance. If you have small hands, this 3x3 cube is perfect for you. It gives you a grip so that you can meander through the cube to ensure swift movements. It is also handy for one-handed cubers.

2. Skewb -

Skewbs are the newest cube puzzles in the market. Withrapid cube solving, you gain intuition. Or when you attempt to cover 3 moves per second, it will result in a sharper reflex action. This ability not only helps in solving puzzles but in general, helps to become more active in life.

3. Megaminx -

Medium strength magnets merge with a new look to deliver a smoother, faster, and more stable megaminx, and an overall great performing puzzle. The design makes it easier to hold. People of all ages can use this.

4. Pyraminx -

Frosted plastic, and vibrant color scheme, making it a great choice for beginner pyraminx solvers. The cube is aimed at problem solving, so when you solve it, this embraces the mind to a goal-oriented approach. It makes you think about how to choose the fastest way to solve the puzzle in minimum steps. Or how to avoid unnecessary moves to achieve the objective. This braces the brain to focus more on targets andachieve them.

5. Mirror Cube -

It is the new budget-friendly shape mod. A cube and mirror cube are more or less similar. To solve the mirror cube is identical to solving the cube. However, it is difficult to identify each part because the size difference between the puzzle's parts is not as obvious as the color difference of the original puzzle's stickers. If you are a puzzle collector or love to challenge yourself or merely want to lay hands on a mirror puzzle, this is the perfect fit for you.

6. Shape Mods -

Shape mods are the variations of different shapes fused to make a 3D figure. With the different models available, it helps in developing cognitive thinking. Kids are very fond of shape mods because they come in very interesting sizes and shapes that trigger intrigue in them. With new patterns and shapes, the memorization gets stronger. This turns into a good habit of remembering things.Right from a basic model to apple and penguin-shaped shape mods are the epicenters of kids’ curiosity. It makes them eager to solve it.

7. Snake Puzzles -

It features 24 individual segments, every element can be changed into 4 different orientations. This makes it possible for the magic snake to take many different shapes. With different shapes, the creative part of the brain is very active and gets involved in solving the puzzle as fast as possible. This puzzle is surely going to give you an energy boost. This is a very intriguing puzzle, you would not want to keep it down until and unless you have solved every last bit of it.

8. Pyraminx Mods -

These are beginner-level pyraminx for younger kids, generated and designed by technicians to enhance their concentration, and inculcate learning and interest. A variety of novel shape designs and different rotating ways from traditional cubes bring a new play experience. The corners give a finer touch and comfort when you use it. The new vibrant colors make it look more attractive which tends to attract children towards it.

9. Locking Puzzles -

This is an old fashioned carved piece that is not only durable but is known for great performance. The unique structure makes mounting a tad bit challenging. It has been popular in old times. This modified version is the game-changer, stylish and bold.

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