Best Whatsapp Spy App for Android Devices in 2020


Whatsapp messenger is becoming more and more popular every day. It is used by almost all smartphone users around the globe. With the increasing use of technology and digital networks, it is becoming vital for communication among individuals and businesses. There are more than two billion Whatsapp users around the globe.

Whatsapp is getting into use by the profession and academic community also. The business employees use the messenger for the accomplishment of professional commitments, and the academic community uses the messenger for addressing the academic needs in most cases.

With this massive change in the communication dynamics in business and academics, there comes a few challenges for the stakeholders.

As the academic activities are getting associated with the availability of Whatsapp, the kids are indulging in the time-wasting activities apart from their academic commitments over the messenger. The kids are used to spend a major proportion of their time over the messenger while connecting with their network, chatting and browsing in Whatsapp groups, and other useless stuff.

This change has led to a few challenges; the kids are indulging in unhealthy activities, as the Whatsapp groups are considered to be the major source of spreading immoral and inappropriate content, which is viewed by the kids in large numbers.

Moreover, the kids using excessive Whatsapp are more prone to be struck by the likes of harassment and cyberbullying, because the scam users over the Whatsapp groups can contact the kids in person, and can harass them to gain illegitimate benefits.

On the other side, employers are having problems with the productivity of their employees, as some employees use excessive Whatsapp during working hours, which kills productivity. Additionally, as reported, some employees have shared confidential information of the company and deep side business secrets with unconcerned people. This can be done to gain undue benefits or put on issues with the employer.

So, to address the problem faced by the parents and employers, the experts suggest the parents and employers use the Whatsapp spy app.

A spy app can monitor each and every bit of communication taking place over the messenger and clones all the activities to the end user's dashboard. The best spy app proposed by the experts is TheOneSpy.

TheOneSpy furnishes a bunch of features to spy on all the whereabouts of the target user; the features include location tracking, Snapchat, Facebook spying, internal storage tracking, website blocking, geo-fencing, and many others, but we will be only discussing its Whatsapp spying facility.

The app does all the spying without any hint to the employee and kid because the smallest hint can spoil the whole idea of spying. The spy app can be installed on Android and iPhones.

Let’s have a look at the facility.

Best Whatsapp Spy App – TheOneSpy

Monitoring Whatsapp Chats

All the individual and group chats of the messenger can be tracked for communication. The messenger spy app allows the end-user to monitor all the chats of Whatsapp.

This allows identifying the pattern of communication; for instance, if we talk about kids, the feature allows determining if the child is comfortably using the messenger or someone is having a hand at the child’s liberty or pressing or harassing the child.

The employee activities can also be stalked using the same feature. The feature allows knowing the intentions of the employee towards the business; if the employee communication is found suspicious, the necessary action can be taken to address the issue.

Monitoring Images and Videos Shared

The Whatsapp spy app enables to spy all the images and videos shared over the chats and groups. The parent can look into all the multimedia if it is according to the prescribed standard or not. Upon monitoring, if inappropriate content is found, the same can be removed by the end-user.

There is added functionality too; the parent can even restrict a specific contact to access the child through Whatsapp if the corresponding user id found to be compromised for the child’s safety.

All the incoming and outgoing phone calls of the messenger can also be listened to in real-time.



The article reviews the Whatsapp spy app – TheOneSpy. The spy app is found to be the best in spying on Whatsapp of the employees and kids; it is observed that the spy app addressed all the needs of parents and employers in all aspects.

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