New Domain Names Prices

New Domain Names Prices

When you are looking for a new domain name the whole thing can be a lot more tricky than you might have thought. First of all, you need to think of an unregistered name that does not already exist or one that has expired and has not been renewed by the current owners. What you also might not be prepared for are the costs of registering a new name. In a world where everything like gas, food and rent is expensive and prices continue to rise, even domain names have gone up in cost. So when you are looking for cheap domain name registration we at Hostgard are dedicated to providing you with below the average prices no matter the inflation rate. We are also happy to give you the ability to pay and reserve your domain name for up to 10 years in advance for the price you are paying this year.

What is a domain name?

Your domain name is the name of your website address that gets entered into the search bar. It might be something along the lines of www. newdomainnamehere. Com. That is what is referred to as the domain name. People when they create their websites want domain names that are memorable as visitors are more likely to remember it and return! It is also nice to find cheap domain name registration. The problem is with so many websites there are so many domain names already taken so it gets harder to be original and find something you like.

Using Hostgard to make the process easier

With Hostgard you can successfully purchase domain names and instantly claim all the legal rights that come with this digital form of ownership. You can ensure anyone looking for that name comes to your website. Your domain name should be something meaningful if possible and .com is not your only choice of extension at the end of it. When you visit our site we help you through the whole process, from looking for a name that has not been taken or taking advantage of our Domain BackOrder option where you can find and catch domain names as they expire. All of our cheap domain name registration process is easy to follow for everyone!

Consider the following;

·         Is the name appropriate to your business?

·         Is it something people can easily remember and pronounce?

·         If your first choice is taken are the alternatives offered a good option?

·         Can you keep it simple and clear avoiding technical details especially?

·         Does it reflect your business and brand?

·         Does it meet the requirements names have to meet to qualify for authorization?


When looking at new domain names prices you need to find a company that is reputable, reliable and offers the best service as well as prices. At Hostgard solutions, we aim to give you the best experience with domain name selection and registering at the best prices. We offer cheap domain name registration with great customer satisfaction and top customer service too.

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