Top Tips for Better Designed, More Marketable Websites

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Top Tips for Better Designed, More Marketable Websites

There’s a lot more to a website’s design than aesthetics, ease of use, and quickly loading pages—if you want it to be a high traffic site, that is. You can’t overlook search engine optimization (SEO), for instance. This will help you connect with people who are looking for you even though they don’t know you. Your website design and web marketing strategies should always consider the following.

Optimization Begins with High-Quality, Relevant Content

You could have a very unique item or message and someone could be searching for exactly what you have, and they still might never find you. Your website (titles, headings, meta tags, alt tags, etc.) must use the right keywords or it won’t be “relevant” enough to get a high ranking. Designing your website for this is what is meant by optimizing it.

See, if you have a site to advertise your “vintage Schwinn bicycle,” you’ll miss everyone searching for it if you just call it an “old bike” on your website. For “relevant,” think, “specific.” Use the words you think your customers will use when looking for what you have.

Your webpage content should show you as a leader in your field. Optimization is about presenting yourself at your best: fast-loading, easy to navigate pages, with honest, promotional content that is on-target for whatever you consider your brand or goal.

Relevance Is Timely

Your website can’t just sit there without attention or it will lose ground in the push for traffic. Whether it revolves around local information, personal insights, or items for sale, you need to keep it moving forward. If it’s informational, keep it informative; if it’s about your views on the world, keep writing; if you sell something, keep your offerings fresh.

Utilize All Available Resources

This section could be an entire article, but basically don’t overlook any resources that could help, from bulletin boards where you can leave a flyer for your website to local events you can attend to promote it. On the technical side, Google has a number of resources you should research (like Google Website Optimizer, Google Webmaster Tools and Google AdWords), as does Amazon and others. Use anything that helps optimize your business or your website.

Additional Tips and Resources

         Plug yourself in to directories and registries (including local) that relate to your business.

         An active, relevant social media presence is invaluable. Not only will it directly connect you to more people, but as more sites link back to your main site, the better rank you’ll get on search engines.

         When you create profiles on other sites, be sure to write your contact info in the same format everywhere.

         If you write a post about an event you were at, say where you were; even drop names of people who were there if their names might be Googled; this will look like you know the same famous person as the local news who did a story about them being at that event.

Professional Assistance Is a Search Away

Staying on top of all this is a lot. While you will be the best person to do the legwork and personality side of promoting the business, we strongly advise hiring someone for the optimization of the website. Having a professional to talk you through everything from the site’s creation would be best, as it will greatly improve your chances of success and greatly reduce the time before you see high rankings on Google. Search for “web design Ireland,” or “website design Ireland,” or “web marketing Ireland,” and you’ll find a professional SEO marketer to help you in short order.

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