Angular vs. React: Which Is Best For Your App?


Angular vs. React: Which Is Best For Your App?


ReactJS and AngularJS Development Company are already working on the JavaScript frameworks to develop applications for different businesses. They both are creative and have various methods for frontend applications. One can avoid using JavaScript and use the application code editors available in the market but that will be complicated for some projects. JavaScript works for the client and server-side of the application that makes it developer-friendly and it also has a variety of features to upgrade the application in real-time.

Some important factors to note before selecting the platform for your application are:


        Data Binding




        Learning Curve


        App performance

        User Experience



        Community Support

        State Management


        UI Components



        Development speed

        Document Object Model

        Mobile Solutions

        Ease of Update 

What is ReactJS?         

It is a JavaScript library that is developed by Facebook. It helps in building an interactive User Interface that is easily understood and uses simple coding. The framework uses server-side rendering that makes it a performance-oriented solution. Some key points of ReactJS are:

        Allows usage of third-party libraries

        Saves time

        Simple and composable

        Facebook support

        Faster performance

        Better User Experience

        One-directional data binding increases the code stability

        Improves the development process

What is AngularJS?

It is a structural framework that is used to develop dynamic web applications. ReactJS Development Company working on the projects can use HTML as a template language. It allows using the HTML syntax to define the application’s components. Development of dynamic single page web applications is a bit easier as it is a fully-featured JavaScript framework. Some features of AngularJS are:

        It has built-in support for Observables, AJAX, HTML

        It is very consistent with the technologies

        Cleaner and understandable coding structure

        Enhanced support to handle errors and issues

        Shadow DOM

        The separation between User Interface and Business logic

        Typescript offers efficiency

What are the benefits of using AngularJS and ReactJS?


        It uses the TypeScript programming language that is a superset of JavaScript. It compiles JS which eases the process of searching and eliminating common errors while typing code. This approach helps AngularJS developers to write error-free codes and provide better quality code.

        AngularJS has a hierarchical dependency injection where cases are not dependent on each other. They turn towards the external resources that deliver high performance in the Angular mobile applications. 

        It has pre-built material design components like navigation elements, pop-ups, form controls, layouts, and d tables. This helps AngularJS Development Company to design a digital product that matches user’s expectations.

        The Angular CLI (Command Line Interface) is easy to use and has innovative tools to update the platform.


        As it uses the virtual DOM which is an abstract of Real Dom that makes it easier for ReactJS Development Company to update the changes performed by users in the application without affecting the interface.

        The ReactJS developers can reuse the code components in the platform. It is easily manageable as components are isolated which means changes in one section do not affect the other.

        Developers can apply hot reloading coded reuse of the existing code during development. This improves the performance of an application and speeds up the development process.

     It uses Redux that avoids the hassle of managing and storing component states in complex applications with dynamic elements. ReactJS Development Company can add applications into a single object and handle every component to access the application state without using a callback or including child components. This process makes testing of the application easy and allows to log the data changes using various in-built tools

What are the disadvantages of using AngularJS and ReactJS?


        It might be complicated for new developers

        Clear and extensive documentation is not available

        It has a steep learning curve

        It is hard to debug Limited Routing

        It slow sometimes during page embedding

        It is difficult to integrate third-party modules

        Developers face several issues while migrating from older to newer versions


        It becomes complicated when you want to integrate React in a traditional MVC framework

        Developers should have in-depth knowledge of integrating UI in the MVC framework. 

When should you use ReactJS?

        You have developers that are familiar with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript

        You need a highly customizable solution for the application

    Your application needs active or inactive navigation item, user login, access permission, dynamic inputs, buttons, and more in the development process

        The developed application’s components will be shared across multiple platforms

When should you use AngularJS?

        Developers are expert in C#, Java, and the previous version of Angular

        The complexity of the application is between lower to medium level

        Developers embrace the ready-t-use solution as it increases their productivity

        You want to build a feature-rich application

Which will be the best when it comes to Angular vs React?

AngularJS or ReactJS both have their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to app development. We have discussed with you some important features and benefits of both. It all depends on your application requirements and the team of developers.  

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