MilesWeb Managed AWS Cloud Hosting: A Detailed Review


Web hosting is the backbone of all internet sites, be it a personal blog or a corporate website. You have to decide the type of web hosting service by assessing the requirements of a website. Characteristics like traffic, software applications, on-page operations, memory storage and so on help you in doing so.


You may no longer consider shared hosting as a viable option for a site handling large operations. In this case, you have to upgrade your hosting to handle the inflated requirements of your site. However, the site's growth in popularity also means increased traffic, leading to more resource consumption. You have to upgrade your hosting again and the cycle continues.


But what if there is a hosting service that can help you cope with the issue in a better way? Cloud hosting is a hosting service that will help you sustain a single hosting plan for longer.


There are not many hosting service providers that can provide cloud hosting. However, not many are familiar with the know-how of cloud hosting services.


Worry not! Many hosting service providers even render managed cloud hosting.

What is cloud hosting and how is it better than regular hosting?

 Cloud hosting is a service that doesn't use a single server machine for hosting your site. It spreads your data across multiple servers located in different areas. The servers are interconnected with each other allowing data transfer to occur more freely in a virtual environment.


Hosting on a single server puts limitations on the resources to be used by your site. No matter how large bandwidth or memory storage you get on a server, it is still limited to that server. If your site outgrows your hosting server, you have to upgrade to an even greater machine.


Also, there are times when sites don't need as many resources. But that doesn't change your billing as you have to pay for the server space, or as I would like to put gently- "overpay!"


What makes cloud hosting better is its ability to reallocate only the necessary resources to sites. Cloud hosting has vast scalability as it utilizes not one but many server machines. It is also extremely flexible in terms of resource allocation as it manages memory utilities, bandwidth and other resource allocation in real-time.

AWS Cloud Hosting

Amazon Web Services(AWS) is a service provider owned by Amazon. AWS provides cloud computing services for personal as well as business use. AWS cloud hosting service offers cloud hosting for websites on their servers.


It provides some great features with cloud hosting:

     You get high scalability on their cloud without causing any disturbance to the operations of your site. You can freely scale the resource usage up or down as per the requirements.

     The billing is flexible as the cloud hosting charges only for the resources consumed by the site. There are no up-front costs and long term contract fees.

     You get to choose from numerous data centers for hosting your site. They have data centers all over the world.

     The cloud hosting assures a high performance as AWS utilizes Amazon’s massive infrastructure with high-end server machines that provide impressive computing and storage resources.

     AWS has a top-of-the-line security system. It secures its cloud infrastructure from top to bottom with physical, operational, and software measures.

MilesWeb's Managed AWS Cloud Hosting

MilesWeb is one of the topmost hosting service providers in the market. They provide a collection of quality web hosting solutions and services. 


In managed hosting, the service provider not only offers the hosting service but also manages the technical functions. The server configurations, backend programming, software applications, updates and such operations required for the proper functioning of server hosting are carried out by the provider.


MilesWeb offers a completely managed AWS cloud hosting service for business websites. Their managed hosting plan provides a good service that helps business owners to focus more on trade and less on the site.


     They handle the data server connections which includes firewalls, and various other security protocols.

     They continuously monitor the site for any redundancies, spam and malware which greatly reduces threats from any instigated attacks.

     They optimize the resource usage by constantly monitoring and anticipating the resource requirements of the site. This greatly reduces any resource wastage and also improves cost-cutting.

MilesWeb provides these services at reasonable prices. Here's a list of their AWS cloud hosting plans with pricing:


Managed cloud hosting or not, there is always a need for technical support to address queries. MilesWeb has a great customer support team to discuss any issues you have with their hosting service. They have AWS certified team that provides dedicated service and guidance for the customers. They are available 24/7 and will answer your cloud-related issues at your leisure.


There are a lot more reasons why MilesWeb's managed AWS cloud hosting and managed digitalocean trumps its DIY counterpart. To let you get more clarity, take a look at some of the services you miss with regular AWS cloud hosting:


AWS cloud hosting service is one of the best in the world. It gives high scalability, flexible pricing and great performance that ensures high uptime, faster loading speeds and huge memory storage capacities. However, you have to dedicate some time and effort which can otherwise be invested elsewhere. This is a major concern for businesses that opt for cloud hosting for their sites. MilesWeb's managed AWS cloud hosting removes these problems as they optimize, monitor and manage resource consumption in the backend. If you are hosting a website on AWS cloud hosting, it is better to buy managed cloud hosting service than wasting time and effort in maintaining it yourself.

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