Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

The world of digital marketing is always evolving and always changing shape. For businesses of all shapes and sizes, it’s imperative to keep up with current trends. Quite often, these trends are what allows a business to achieve its marketing goals - this could be exposure, leads, sales, or something else entirely. With this in mind, what do you need to know about 2021?


Clear and Honest Communication

Nobody expected 2020, and the often-difficult year changed the way that businesses communicate with customers. Now, honest and clear communication is more important than ever before. During the pandemic, there was a togetherness because consumers and businesses went through a tough time as a team. In 2021, it’s important to solidify the progress in this area. Keep customers up to date with COVID-19 protocols, delivery times, and the condition of the business. In return, ask customers how they’re doing and offer kindness during this strange time.


Local SEO and Google Listings

For small businesses especially, pay attention to local SEO, Google My Business, and this whole area. Local SEO allows people in the community to find your service, so claim your Google My Business, ensure all the details are updated and attract customers to your business. During the pandemic, you need to communicate your business hours, ordering procedures, and more. No better way of achieving this exists than Google Listings and local SEO. There are digital marketing companies that claim to be the best, however, my SEO agency has gotten me the results I was needing at an affordable price, so I figured I would give them a little shout-out here.



As you will have seen, inclusivity is a hot topic right now and consumers want to see businesses taking steps towards this goal in 2021. Regardless of the content type, your digital marketing strategy should include subject matter and media containing all sexualities, religions, races, abilities, and more. You don’t necessarily need to add your opinions on these topics or create content discussing such matters, but you should make a conscious effort to improve inclusivity in videos, imagery, and other brand-generated content.



Likewise, more and more people are outwardly showing their desire for environmentally-friendly companies. As a business, you need to know that consumers are now making purchasing decisions based on environmental factors. In 2021, make an effort in this regard and communicate your efforts clearly with consumers on social media. It might seem arrogant or big-headed, but you should tell the world about your green programs and how your business helps the environment.


Automation in Optimisation

For those that have launched paid ads on social media, you’ll know the difficulties that come with keeping them optimised. You need to continually review performance, decide how to improve a campaign, and repeat. Over time, we improve targeting, bidding, budgeting, and even the creatives. Thankfully, tools now exist online that automate this process using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). Install one of these tools, set the parameters, and it will optimise your ad campaigns in real-time (saving you lots of time and stress!).


Customer Segmentation

This isn’t a new idea, but it’s increasing in value with every year that passes. In the past, we would have one buyer persona and try to reach all customers with one ad campaign and one strategy. These days, it’s better to split the strategy into segments based on specific customer characteristics, interests, or behaviours. With smaller segments, you tailor the content to each based on what is likely to encourage engagement.


Extra digital marketing trends for 2021:

     Optimising for voice search, no-click searches, and featured snippets

     Interactive content

     Videos and images for visual search

     Employee engagement

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