4 Digital Marketing Trends Companies Should Follow In 2021


4 Digital Marketing Trends Companies Should Follow In 2021

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The current pandemic COVID-19 has dramatically impacted the dynamics of the digital market around the world. We now have more people working remotely, thus spending more time at home, which has boosted the demand for online shopping. Therefore, to cope with the fast-changing trends in the marketing arena, brands need to develop quick ideas that can produce efficient results in a short span. 

One key aspect of the post-pandemic digital marketing trend is the need to engage and retain an audience with premium customer support. Also, brands are now paying more emphasis on creating engaging marketing campaigns that are more personalized than before. However, choosing where to begin can be tricky for most businesses, especially in the unique circumstances we face today. Thus, in this article, we have compiled a well-sort list of tips and trends that could guarantee you quick results and long-lasting impact.

1. Make Effective Use of Social Media

Soon after its advent, social media became one of the most crucial components in the marketing arena. Today, almost 80 percent of businesses in the internet world are using social media to market their product or services. Enterprises are now allocating specific budgets for their social media campaigns.As of 2021, social media accounts for at least 25 percent of organizations' total marketing budget. 

During the global pandemic, marketers rushed towards using social media. According to Harvard Business School, social media marketing practices increased 13 percent in only one year, i.e., between 2020 and 2021. It happened because people were not allowed to shop physically due to quarantine, so most of the shopping they did was online. Therefore, it is undoubtedly, necessary to ensure that you have a robust website and online presence to meet customer demands. Ensure that you adhere to the best SEO practices, conduct competitor analysis, check backlinks, post relevant content on the website, etc.

However, adopting social media marketing is not just the only requirement for a successful marketing campaign. You need to be more pro-active, creative, and consistent in your approach towards the customers. Monitor the behavior of your customer through advanced analytics toolsand construct your marketing campaign accordingly. Also, pay keen emphasis on your campaign's personalization, as people do not want to interact with bots nowadays. Instead, they prefer companies that offer them a personalized touch.

2. Do Not Skip Google Listings or SEO

Suppose you want to succeed quickly in your game. In that case, you must not ignore the importance of Google listings, reviews, and search engine optimization. Keeping first things first, the best way to start is to list your business on Google and ensure quality customer services and product delivery. This way, you can manage to earn excellent customer reviews for your business, which helps in today's competitive market. 

Also, it is crucial to keep your Google listing updated from time-to-time. Otherwise, customers might get a sense of bad customer support when they watch your listing. Moving one step further, another critical component in Google marketing is search engine optimization. Although search engine optimization is a lengthy process, you need to start with it without wasting a single day. Otherwise, the more you delay with this task, the worse your chances will become to get better rankings on the search engine. 

Furthermore, you need to ensure that you are following the correct geographical settings.Why? Because the google algorithm depends mainly on the targeted region. Understanding the Google algorithm patterns is key while curating the SEO strategy for your business. Otherwise, all of your budgets could end up wasted if you do not follow the core principles of Google preferences. Additionally, blogs are a highly effective tool when it comes to the SEO of awebsite.

3. Improve Customer Interaction

The most intelligent way to market your product is by sticking to the basics, creating word of mouth. People may think that creating word of mouth is a long-term idea and requires strenuous efforts; however, it is not the case. The customers making word of mouth always prefer businesses that ensure optimum product/service quality and excellent after-sales services.  

Also, it detrimental for a marketing campaign to create the right buzz at the right time. It means that your marketing campaign must target thecustomers when they’re online. Or else you would end up wasting money on poorly timed campaigns. A perfect remedy to this is to use automated scheduled campaigns that run during a specific time and hit the right target audience. 

4. Spend in Google Ads and PPC for Quick Turnover

Many businesses now prefer to run Google Ads, as they have realized that SEO is a long-term process that takes a while. Google ads campaigns comprise keywords, audience analytics, and regional targeting. If a marketer can synchronize all the three significant components efficiently, he/she could quickly produce great results. The procedure of running Google ads starts with the bidding of keywords in the target region. Each keyword could rank differently in different areas. Therefore, you would need first to analyze the keywords associated with your business and then bid on the most suitable ones.

Running a successful Google Ads campaign could be a tricky task. It requires constant monitoring, competition analysis, and lots of money. However, the results that it could produce are fast and reliable.



Maintaining the competitive edge in today's marketplace is challenging than ever. Constant efforts are necessary for all segments of your strategy and campaign to triumph in the global market's current saturated state. Ignoring the developing trends would not only cost you your customers but could badly hamper the entire structure of your business. Due to the pandemic, marketers are shifting their focus on digital marketing and reaping immense benefits.

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