Choosing a recruitment software partner, and not just a supplier

Recruiters have different responsibilities and must execute different roles when they are out recruiting. However, ultimately their fundamental undertaking is to source the best-qualified candidate. This is what they are accountable for and why their services are hired by client companies. Consequently, the smartest recruiters understand that recruitment software is a business partner. The vendors who provide their recruitment CRM service are not just suppliers.

But recruiters must be cautioned about choosing the best recruitment software for agencies. Why? Because unsuitable software or a bad vendor can be costly to replace. It can not only set agencies back financially, but they will also incur a huge time and resource loss. 

Having said all this, how does one pick a great recruitment software partner? Is it only reliant on software features? How should agencies determine which supplier provides the best services?


Features and functionalities

Decision-makers might be drawn towards a particular recruitment CRM due to a variety of reasons. But the primary motivations are because of certain features, great client testimonials and market reputation. And while these are significant in decision making, there is a need for a closer and critical look when choosing the best agency recruitment software.

There are fundamental features such as cloud-based and SaaS, and compliance checks that are essential for both permanent and temporary recruitment agencies. However, decision-makers need to look beyond these.

Finding a great technology partner starts with understanding the large and small problems that affect the business and the viable solutions. Different agencies have diverse needs. So always have a list handy wherein it is clear what the agency is looking for. Whether it is a focus on talent sourcing or resolution for better communication with candidates or even an easier way to generate reports, it is important to always commence the search to understand the current business needs.

It is also vital to comprehend the changes and adaptations one is willing to take on, and which ones are non-negotiable. That is why taking the time to question software functionality is very essential. Great features but hard-to-use software will likely only collect dust after a few months. Another scenario pointing to why functionality is important - if a medium or large agency only uses Mac computers but the software is only Windows-friendly then that would be a non-negotiable factor. It is crucial to present these factors upfront. Desk booking software

Live product demos are the best way to discuss all these issues beforehand.


Quality support and great service

Product users will inevitably experience some obstacles throughout using the product. When it comes to recruitment software, it is considering how not all recruiters are tech-savvy presses home the need for great support and service.

A recruitment agency’s relationship with the software vendor does not end with the onboarding. Recruiters must expect to run into issues and challenges now and then. Thus, agencies need an accommodating, knowledgeable tech partner who is quick to respond to the problem and keen to provide quality service.

So, while combing through reviews, it is helpful to also examine people’s reviews carefully on the vendor’s support and services. If there are too many negative reviews on these aspects, then it raises the question of whether the particular recruitment software supplier can be an excellent partner eventually.

An unaccommodating tech partner can be a huge disadvantage for an agency’s business growth.

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