Lock Pick Set: What All Should You Consider When Buying It?

Security is one of the many things we must have in our modern way of living. People tend to buy so many locks so that all of their personal belongings will always be secure. But sometimes, these kinds of security will turn against us. Losing a key on your padlock can cause minor inconveniences like not being able to open the shed or disastrous ones like getting locked out of your own house. These will tend to happen a lot, especially if you are always busy all the time. Who can blame you? The Covid pandemic has still not left the world, and things like face masks and social distancing might make you forget about other things in life. Some places still have a high number of infection rates, so their respective governments are imposing stricter quarantine protocols. With all these things happening in the world, it is easy to forget a simple key. If these things keep happening to you, then there might come a time when you will lose the keys forever.

Since you cannot always come out of your house, consider buying a lock pick set online or in a store near you. You might be asking yourself, “Aren’t lock picks only used by criminals and thieves?”. Well, as mentioned above, lockpicks can be used for legitimate reasons. Sure, you can always hire a locksmith, but they can sometimes be expensive. Plus, they may not always be available, so if it is urgent that you need a padlock opened, a lockpick set is your best option. If you are a police officer, you will need to practice your lockpicking skills too. It is not all the time that you will use force in every door or padlock. But before you buy a lock pick set, here are some factors that you need to consider when shopping

1. Consider the Width

A handle that is about 5/16 inches (0.31 inches) and tapers about 1/16 inches (0.06 inches) would be an ideal width for your lock pick. A lockpick that is wider than 3/32 inches (0.094 inches) will not fit most standard locks, so it is best to avoid that unless, of course, your padlock needs a specific lockpick.

2. Consider the Material

Always choose a lockpick that is made from stainless steel. As you are aware, stainless steel will not wear down easily compared to other metal materials. Lockpicking will always require you to push the metal picks against the metal pins inside the lock. Over time your pick will wear down, and if it is made with weak material, it will retire pretty quickly. Stainless steel will also resist rust and corrosion, so you will be able to use it for a long time.

3.  Rake Pick

This a long piece of metal with its end shaped like a key. Wafer locks and pin tumblers that lack security pins are the only locks they will work in and require a trial and error approach.

4. Hook Pick

This a pick with its end bent. It is meant to pick a single pin in a lock one at a time. They must work together with tensioners to open a lock.

5. Tension Wrench Pick

As said before, this piece can only work if there is a hook with it. They keep the tension on pins that the hook has set.

6.  Half Diamond Pick

This is a type of hook pick with an end that is shaped like a diamond. This pick acts like a ramp that will lift the pins inside a lock.


So, whether you buy a lock pick set online or from a physical store for personal or professional use, you cannot deny that it is a handy tool, especially if you accidentally lose your keys. That being said, you should buy one just in case.

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