5 advice that can help you with cosmetic packaging

5 advice that can help you with cosmetic packaging 

There are not many fields where the customer stays with you forever. Cosmetics is one of those industries. In cosmetics, once customers are satisfied with your product, they will always come back to you. To make sure that you get noticed by the customer, try to get the packaging that is the ultimate choice of the customers. From custom eyeshadow boxes to lotion box packaging, everything should be custom-designed to fulfill the target customer's needs.

Once the product is off the shelf and has made space into the customer’s cart, that means you have made your space. If you are dealing with natural skincare products


1.    Define your Customer

Before starting the process of packaging design, it is essential to know your customers. Your target audience will decide the outlook of your product packaging. What age group you are targeting matters a lot too. The overlook will be flashy if the audience is younger. The custom eyeshadow boxes would have much more bling. If the audience is on the older side, then you should be focusing on making it more subtle according to the choice.

You might think that it does not make a difference, but trust us, it makes a lot of difference. Research says that different age groups react differently to something as small as lotion box packaging. So taking care of the choice of your customers should be your priority.


2.    Durable Materials

Cosmetics users tend to keep the packaging for longer times. This means you need to use durable materials that can be stored for that much time. The material should also be able to support the sleek designs of the boxes. It should be able to show the best results when printed. And keeping in mind that the packaging is going to stay for a long time in the customer’s storage, the printing colors should not fade away.

If your product is essential oils, then the custom essential oil boxes should be sturdy enough to hold the glass bottles. They should not leak in case of any accidental spill. Essential oils are packed in delicate bottles; the packaging boxes should also protect them from any kind of damage during the moving. If you think you can get away with the cheaper material, then you are wrong. The customer will reject the product without trying if the packaging boxes are all squished and damaged.


3.    Unique designs

Think out of the box when designing the boxes. Your custom eyeshadow boxes do not have to look like all other boxes in the market. You can have your own trademark design of eyeshadow boxes. This also applies to the lotion box packaging. Unique box designs are always a big selling point. They have the ability to grab the attention of the client from the shelf. Increased shelf appeal raised the chances of more sales too.

Cosmetic boxes are famous for getting gifted all the time. If you have packaging boxes that are different from general market trends, then they have much more chances of getting sold as gift boxes. You have to look at all the potential uses of your packaging boxes while making these decisions.


4.    Colors

The color of the cosmetic packaging boxes is another critical part of the packaging design. This is also heavily based on the age group you are targeting and also the nature of the product. If the audience is younger such as teenagers, then you should be looking at the bright and bling colors because that is in the trend. If your audience seems to be on the older side, then you should go for more pastel and classic colors.

The same goes for the nature of the product. If your product is natural goods, then try to incorporate more colors from nature. For example, while designing custom essential oil boxes, you need to keep the color of herbs that the oils are extracted from. This is as simple as it sounds. All you need to do is give special attention to the color of the packaging boxes to make sure they attract your potential customers.


5.    Custom Printing

Custom printing can uplift any product, and cosmetics are no different. Customization opens a lot of doors that can be explored in the packaging. You can have brilliant designs on the boxes as well as all the information regarding the product. For example, if it is stated on your custom box that your product is vegan-friendly, then the people who were looking for it won’t have to struggle to find details.

So if you use all the above-given advice in your cosmetic packaging, there is a huge chance of your business being a success. The market is already very saturated, so to get noticed this much effort is mandatory.



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