5 Most Common iPhone Issues for Which They Are Repaired

Sydney, the capital city of New South Wales, Australia, is considered the country’s only global city and primary economic hub. The popularity of Sydney when it comes to being a major contributing city in terms of the Australian economy has led to an increase in migrant residents. Likewise, residents of Sydney are enjoying the quality of life that the city has to offer. 

Most Sydney residents are also techno-savvy and own different gadgets that they use to communicate with. When it comes to mobile phones, Apple has a majority of the market share, with 54.2% of residents using iPhones instead of Android phones. This percentage is also the reason why there are a lot of shops that are offering iPhone repair in Sydney. Here are the top reasons why iPhones are being repaired. 

1.     Dropped iPhone

The most common reason why iPhones get damaged is that people dropped them or fell out of bags or pockets by accident. A dropped iPhone will most often not get a cracked or broken screen, especially if it was dropped on a hard surface. It usually follows that the harder the surface, the larger the bill will be, except if the iPhone falls into water, then it may be beyond repair. 

2.                 Scratched Housing

There are still a large number of people who refuse to protect their iPhones with a case. The problem with this is that the metal iPhone housing may collect scratches or wear and tear. Once the metal housing is scratched, people will have to live with that flaw. You can replace a scratched screen, but the metal housing is hard to replace. This is why you need to protect your iPhone with a case. 


3.                 Bent iPhones

Another common issue that people bring to an iPhone repair in Sydney is a bent iPhone. People will often sit down, forgetting that their iPhones are still in their back pocket, and will accidentally bend their iPhones. iPhones are designed to be thin enough to be carried conveniently. However, they are not strong enough to carry the weight of a person’s buttocks. The bending of an iPhone may also affect the other components of the mainboard and maybe beyond repair except for retrieving the data stored on your phone. 

4.                 Water Damaged iPhones

People may also drop their iPhones on wet surfaces, or liquids may spill on top of iPhones. While water-resistant iPhone models are available, once the water has entered the mainboard, that iPhone will be beyond repair. Likewise, the only thing that you can salvage from a water-damaged iPhone is your stored data. However, not every shop that offers iPhone repair in Sydney has the skills, expertise, and technology to recover data from water-damaged phones. 

5.                 Wannabe iPhone Technicians

Another common iPhone issue that is always brought to an iPhone repair in Sydney is owners who think they can fix their iPhones themselves. There are many tutorials on YouTube that can teach you how to replace your iPhone’s battery with a new one that you can buy if the existing one is draining fast. While it is admirable that you want to save money by doing the replacement yourself, however, if you get it wrong, you may inadvertently damage the other components causing you to have to pay more for repairs. 

It is best to let authorised iPhone technicians check your iPhone for any issues.  

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