Robot Vacuums with the Best Mobile Apps

One of the biggest challenges of keeping your house clean is vacuuming. You have to set aside a lot of time to do it and it takes plenty of effort as well. With the introduction of robot vacuums in the market, cleaning has never been easier.

What’s more, when these robotic vacuums come with supporting and easily navigable mobile apps, the cleaning process becomes incredibly effortless. These mobile apps allow you to control the settings of the robot vacuum while also letting you focus on more pressing issues.

This way, you can create your own schedule on the app and map out its route. If you want to know which robot vacuums come with the best mobile apps and what makes them so great, read below to find out.

iRobot Roomba

The iRobot Roomba has a wide range of models that you can choose from. The Roomba offers great suction power, covers a lot of ground and even comes with what seems like a bottomless self-emptying bin.

The iRobot Home app is also extremely user friendly and convenient. You can download this app either from your app store or from this app’s own website.

Through this app, you can not only register and name your robot vacuum but also customize cleaning settings and schedules. You can start or pause any cleaning activity with the help of the app, navigate room maps of your house to track the cleaning and also check the battery levels of the vacuum.


Roborock vacuums are quieter and can last for nearly 3 hours. It works efficiently on most surfaces and also adjusts its suction, depending on what it needs to pick up. It also comes with a large tank.

Roborock’s vacuum further includes its app with easily accessible features. You can customize this map by combining or separating the different areas of your house that you want to clean.

In addition, the app also allows you to adjust various cleaning settings. For instance, you can decide the water level, suction power and cleaning mode. The app lets you set room-specific schedules and determine no-mop zones as well.


Ecovacs is the company that offers the Deebot models of robot vacuums. Some of these models come with self-emptying bins. They have a good battery life, allow you to schedule cleaning and have the ability to navigate past all obstacles that may be present in the room.

The Deebot models can be connected to the Ecovacs Home app. The app allows you to adjust and monitor cleaning settings and set up cleaning schedules. You can decide on the water flow and suction power as well depending on each room’s requirements.

The app also has a ‘Find Me’ feature in case your vacuum gets lost.

Concluding Remarks

All in all, these were some of the robot vacuums that come with the best mobile apps. If you want to check out more options, you can also look at the vacuums offered by Shark, Neato and Samsung.

Before making a final choice, make sure you not only consider the suction power, battery life and the layout of your house but also the app that comes with it. Since navigability is such an important aspect of robot vacuums, you want to make sure that the app also reflects the independence that the vacuum gives you.

 So, make the right choice, make your life easier and let your vacuum suck it up!

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