The Ultimate Guide to Link Building in 2021

Link building is dead.

Thousands of articles on the Internet scream different variations of this one line. But it is not true. Link building is not dead. It has just changed.

Initially, it was the primary ranking factor. Link farms and spammers exploited link building, gave it a bad name, and bugged Google so much so that it started using several other factors in its ranking algorithm. Today link building carries only 16% of weightage in the ranking algorithm.

For the search engine users, that’s great. Search results are more relatable and less spammy today. For webmasters, it is time to learn the new norms of link building.

So, let’s walk you through the ultimate guide to link building in 2021 and beyond.

Link Building Basics - A Quick Refresher



Before we get to the heavy-duty stuff, here’s a small example to help you understand the what, why, and how of link building.

You and your competitors are running for the same position — the top position in SERPs. Google is the Election Commissioner (EC). The process is simple. Whoever gets more votes wins.

Here, votes = backlinks.

Every time a webpage links back to your page (or your competitors’), the count increases. But unlike traditional elections, there is no finite limit on time. No matter how many backlinks (the votes) you or your competitors have today, things can always change.

Another factor is that the Election Commissioner (AKA Google) does not recognize the principle of One Person, One Vote.

Votes from veteran websites with a lot of goodwill in the market (page and domain authority) have more weightage. Similarly, votes from rouge, anti-social elements (sites about porn, pills, and poker) would mean you have associations with them. And their votes (backlinks) to you would degrade your reputation in the eyes of the EC.


This essentially means two things -

        Both the quality and quantity of backlinks matter.

        Link building is as easy or difficult as your understanding of it. With proper understanding, you can win the election and continue your winning streak. Without understanding, you’d inevitably be pissing off Google rather than pleasing it.

Now, to help you get the best of your link-building efforts, here is a handy guide. Follow the five strategies and avoid the four mistakes to become the unbeatable backlink champion.

5 Strategies That Experts Swear By

There are not one, two, or ten ways to get backlinks. There are hundreds of ways. But with the following five strategies, you’ll get more than just backlinks. You will also get brand recognition and site traffic, including visitors who match your end-user persona.


Take a look -

1.     Create Link-Worthy Assets

You want people to link back to you? Make them do it. (No, not with brute force, but with the power of creativity and content creation).

Infographics, original researches, data, and findings - just some examples of types of creative and textual assets that get multiple backlinks.

Get your content, graphic, and R&D team going, and make sure you create original assets that others would also want to use. When others use these assets, you’ll get backlinks. Plus, their respect (which will come in handy someday) and brand recognition as well.

2.     Have A Guest Posting Strategy



Guest posting takes a lot of time.

Guest posting is not as effective as it sounds.

Guest posting is expensive.

Plain lies, these statements. Guest posting is the simple, most useful link-building strategy. Even Neil Patel seems to agree on this one in his blog about Guest Posting, which he called second-tier link building.

If it takes you too much time, too much money, and too many efforts, and yet you are left with mediocre results, you are probably, no, definitely, doing it wrong.

Hire experts for link outreach service and see how things change. High authority websites accept guest posts. This is a sign enough that it works. It is a simple deal where they trade a backlink in exchange for gold nuggets of knowledge for their readers.

If you have a gold nugget of knowledge to share, guest posts can help you get backlinks from top ranking, high traffic, well-respected websites.

Spin-off content and regurgitating what you find online won’t work, though. Leave it to the experts if you don’t feel confident in doing it yourself. But do NOT skip having a guest posting strategy.

3.     Promote Your Content Right

Social media shares yield low-quality backlinks. Agreed. But that doesn’t mean you don’t promote your content on social media at all.

One viral video or blog can get thousands of shares on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites. It will give you more backlinks in a couple of hours than you’d otherwise get in months. The backlink quality may not be as good as one backlink from Forbes or NY Times, but then the volume will do good for your ranking.

P.S. - Social shares give Google a signal that your page is relevant to the reader. It’s a plus one for search engine rankings, which is your end goal anyway.

4.     Focus on Building Relations, Not Just Links

While telling you about guest posting, we mentioned how Neil Patel seems to agree with what we say. And there, we also have him backlink to one of his relevant blogs.

Will Neil Patel know that we did it and graciously gave him a backlink? Definitely. Most bloggers have link tracking tools in place that would notify them of mentions and received backlinks.

Will he come to thank us for it? Nope. We don’t even need him to. But we hope he gives us a mention someday. (Wherever he feels we deserve to be seen by his audience.)

And that’s how we have made the first attempt to build a relationship with him. It would look futile in the beginning. But slowly and steadily, you’ll realize these relations come in handy in the long run. It is not you against everyone else. You can (or rather should) build allies.

5.     Go After Your Competitors’ Links

No, not like goons looking to steal their backlinks. Instead, what you need to do is analyze their backlinks.


Those who have given backlinks to your competitors would either be those in your niche or link farms and PNBs. You don’t need the latter; steer clear of them. But those in the former category are likely to be open to giving you backlinks too. That’s if your content is worthy enough. Try your luck with those most likely to yield fruitful results.

4 Mistakes That All Rookies Make

Here’s a sure-shot way to know if someone is a link-building pro or a rookie.

Ask them about their link-building strategy. If you find any of the following things happening in their strategy, know that they are just starting out. (Or probably not smart enough to understand the nitty-gritty and avoid these mistakes).

Now, stay away from those rookies and also from the following mistakes -

1.     Compromising on Quality

It won’t matter if you get a few hundred backlinks from a content farm, right? WRONG.

Google sees everything. Don’t compromise on quality. Spend more time in quality blogger outreach and go for the good backlinks, even if you get less of them.

The numbers will fail you if the quality is questionable.

2.     Looking for Speedy Solutions

Link building is not a one-day job. It takes time. And if you rush things, you’ll ruin them.

Creating quality content (for guest posting or as linkable assets) takes time. And so does the publication of that content. Wait a month before you start complaining why your webpage isn’t climbing the SERP ladder. It will happen if you wait.

3.     Not Doing Cost-Benefit Analysis

You’d have to pay big bucks to content creators to create share-worthy and guest posting levels of content.

But that’s not an expense. It is an investment.

When you feel the writer is asking for too much money for a few thousand (or even a hundred) words, ask yourself - Will the backlink I get, the brand recognition it creates, and the audience trust it generates worth the money? If you hear a resounding yes, loosen your grip on that dollar.

4.     Trying To Take On The World Alone

How naive of you to believe you could do it all alone. You cannot run a business, carry out SEO, maintain a website and also work on a link-building strategy at the same time.




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Getting Started With Link Building

Now you know what you need to do, why it is crucial, and how to do it best. So, don’t wait up,  get cracking; you have got some kickass link building to do.



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