What Are the Different Applications for Lanyards?

Are you wondering how to use your lanyard in different ways? A lanyard is a strap or a cord usually worn around the wrist, neck, or shoulder. You can use it to carry small things such as ID cards, keys, or badges. While a lanyard appears to be a simple strip, it is very versatile.

Lanyards can come in handy at your workplace every day. Breakaway lanyards can also act as your savior. They automatically detach whenever any force is applied on them or when pulled.

You can use a lanyard at your office, playground, or even while camping. But what exactly can you use it for? The following are the different applications for a lanyard:

Secure your ID card

Holding your ID card or badge in place is one of the most common applications of a lanyard. The United States of America has numerous businesses, and around 60.6 million people work in small businesses. To manage employees better, companies provide an ID card.

You can use a lanyard to secure your ID and keep it with you at all times. It ensures not to lose or misplace your ID card. Additionally, it becomes easier to identify your colleagues.

Some events also use a lanyard as a promotional item. They attach your ID to a custom lanyard. It makes a great marketing strategy.

Key Holder

Do you keep losing your keys often? Chase your worries away, as you can use a lanyard to keep it safe. You may wear it around your neck or secure it to your belt.

You may already have a lanyard for your ID card. In such cases, you do not have to carry too many of them. Look for an attachment clip to pin it to your existing lanyard. You will now have your keys with you at all times. Thanks to it, there will be no more fretting around in search of your lost keys.

Accessory for Small Electronics

Another wide application of a lanyard is to secure small electronics such as MP3 players, USB drives, and cameras. It helps you to prevent dropping or to lose them. Most of these electronics come with a particular small hole through which you can loop your lanyard.

You can find this space towards the side or the edge of the device's frame. Make sure to attach it properly to avoid the electronic from slipping away. It is best to make a tiny knot if you wish to be safer.

Colorful lanyards can make a great accessory to your small electronics. You can flaunt it in style. Moreover, you can keep changing the colors to complement your outfit as well.


Camping can be fun and exciting. However, thorough preparation is essential to make your camping trip a successful and memorable one. You can use a lanyard to attach a few pouches to it.

You may fill the pouches with some essentials and emergency items such as a small compass, band-aids, batteries for your flashlight, and a mosquito repellent cream. Do not forget to carry a small snack as well.

You can also use a lanyard as an emergency attachment if a need arises for a short rope or lining for your tents. It can be your unexpected partner during your adventure.

Emergency Tool Kit

You can also use a lanyard to carry an emergency tool kit. Maintenance personnel can find it especially useful as they usually carry small tools strapped to their necks or shoulders. You can attach some durable pouches to it.

You may use it to carry tools such as small screwdrivers, Allen wrench, and hex key sets. However, make sure that sharp items such as screwdrivers have a casing covering all the pointy edges. Another aspect to consider is that the tools should be very light. It avoids exerting too much pressure on your neck.

Pen Holders

Pens and other stationery are essential at your workplace. Unfortunately, they have an annoying habit of getting lost just when you need it. You may also end up forgetting where you put it after your previous use.

At times, you may need to go around to gather some information from your colleagues. It is easier to keep a pen handy for such occasions. With a lanyard, wear your pen around your neck or attach it to the lanyard that holds your ID.

You can now take important notes on the go. There is no need to worry about losing or misplacing it.

Lanyards have multiple uses. You can use it for your workplace, the outdoors, and while going on an adventure. They remain handy at all times. From ID cards, pens to compass and music players, its applications are numerous. You can get one to make it easier for you.

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