Which Video Has the Most Views on TikTok?


Which Video Has the Most Views on TikTok?



You've no doubt experienced how addicting TikTok can be. You log on to just watch a couple of videos, and then before you know it, two hours later, you find yourself still scrolling through your feed. It's no surprise, though—many TikTokers have really stepped up their game and have created captivating content that keeps you wanting more!

Now, there's tons of great content on TikTok. But, out of all the fun videos out there, which one has managed to get the most views on TikTok?

Zach King's Harry Potter Illusion Video

Zach King is the master of creating mind-blowing content on Instagram. He's been viral for a while now but, his video on the Harry Potter illusion took the grand prize. Thanks to that video, he currently holds the title for most viewed video on TikTok, with over 2.2 billion views!

It's also been confirmed that Zach King is officially the influencer with the most followers on TikTok, thanks to his fanbase. Currently, he's got 58.2+ million followers, not to mention on his other channels, such as Instagram, Youtube, etc. Altogether, Zach King has a total of 92+ million followers.

Many of his videos have made it to the list of most viewed videos on TikTok. Videos such as the cake glass illusion, hide and seek illusion, and paint loop illusion. He's managed to keep his profile updated with fresh, new, and original content, which no doubt is what brought him his success in the first place.

What Made Him Famous

The energy and charisma that he brings to TikTok are only just a small reason why Zach King has succeeded so much across social media platforms. He has a passion for illusionary magic and filmmaking, and of course, he wanted to implement his passions into his content somehow.

Having entertaining charisma and energy across his channel creations is just the tip of the iceberg for the seasoned content creator.

Plus, the way he edits his videos is something that strikes the public and has certainly helped him get TikTok likes. His videos show smooth transitions and no harsh cuts or obvious edits. His editing style gives the impression that he truly does work with magic.

However, he started on a social media platform called Vine and worked his way up from there. He's been dedicating time to his social media profiles for a long time, and clearly, it was all worth it. He even broke a world record for having the most followers on TikTok!

How to Get Most Views on TikTok

Beating Zach King's world record for most views on TikTok seems unlikely at the moment but, you could learn a thing or two from him. Zach King has been going at this for about ten years now. To achieve what he's achieved, you have to be willing to put in just as much time and effort—which is a lot!

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