5 Ways to Get the Best of Your Affiliate Networks in 2021


5 Ways to Get the Best of Your Affiliate Networks in 2021

The social media revolution that has piggybacked on the internet and gadget growth has led to the phenomenon of influencers. And these influencers, with their large gathering of followers, serve as the ideal marketing tools for a brand to get its word out.

Besides direct advertisements, influencers open the door for affiliate marketing. The affiliate marketing model is so successful today that around 81% of brands use it to improve themselves.

If you have a brand that needs a market boost, it's a no-brainer to go with affiliate marketing. For that move to be successful, however, you need a reliable affiliate networks to serve as your point of contact between you and your influencers.

Getting the Maximum Influence from the Network

Affiliate networks perform numerous functions. Besides scouting and onboarding the best talent, they also generate unique links to every influencer on the network. They also track and report the associated data to merchants. While it's all a handful, it needn't necessarily result in a lack of efficiency, especially if you follow some guidelines to get the most out of them.

Choosing the Best Agency

The surge in affiliate marketing has led to the mushrooming of many networks to cater to the rising demand. Some operate in a niche, while others take the blanket approach to it. You will need to choose an affiliate network that suits your needs to get the maximum output.

If, for example, yours is an eCommerce company focusing on a niche, like the luxury market, it's prudent to have an affiliate agency experienced in or operating exclusively in that segment. Others could focus on a particular marketing channel and ad type.

If your marketing strategy involves the extensive use of that channel and ad type, then going with that agency would work out well.

Devising a Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

Considering affiliates means scrutinizing its many aspects like commission amount, type of influencer, its share of marketing budget, content, positioning, etc., before their inclusion in it.

This scrutiny is necessary for both you and your affiliate agency to gain a clear idea of what must get done and how best to do it. Sharing your business goals and targets with them also helps them streamline the strategy for efficient implementation.

Continuous Communication

Data is what makes or breaks a business these days. Hence, there must be its steady flow between you and your affiliate agency. Open and direct communication between the two of you is vital for the smooth performance of the exercise.

The information related to all associated KPI's must be made available to you in real-time, with the agency making the necessary amends as and when you require them based on the reports provided.

Flexibility of Approach

Changing technologies and market dynamics always force businesses to update their marketing strategy to match. Your affiliate agency must adapt to the changing trends in the field at movement's notice without compromising the quality.

They should constantly monitor the market for new avenues and influencers to use for the jobs at hand and experiment with the marketing strategy and its implementation.

Going Local

Localizing your marketing and business strategies can reap big-time benefits. Search algorithms nowadays also highlight businesses promoting themselves locally first. This setup bodes well for brands choosing local affiliates to market their offerings. Your affiliate agency must extract the maximum out of this factor.


Affiliate marketing is only growing by the day, leaving everyone involved satisfied and improved. The right affiliate network for your business is just the tool you need to join that club.


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