Here Are Some Easy Steps to Create A Photo Wall at Home

Seeing framed photos in one’s home serves as a gateway to their life. Each photo can be a fond memory of their child growing up or a memorable trip they went to. Looking at them instantly gives a sense of being at home.

The idea of having a photo wall is inspiring and a great way to decorate the plain, boring wall of the house, especially in the common area. Convinced? Then it’s probably time to buy picture frames online and start working on this new project.

By following these doable steps, anyone can make their photo wall vision come to life.

1.      Choose the photos to be included in the photo wall.


The first thing to do is to decide which photos to include in the photo collage. They can be a timeline of events, a collection of memorable occasions, family photos, and much more. The photos can be taken from old photo albums or digital ones that can be printed in any standard size.


Depending on the owner’s preference, the pictures can all be black and white or edited to be in the same colour configuration.


2.      Decide the location and the layout of the photo frames.


The next step is to have a vision of where the photo collage should be. Most photo walls are located in the living room, above the sofa, where people can easily see them when they come over. However, it can be installed in any part of the house considering that it is easily accessible and well-lit.


Once the location is chosen, outline the layout of the frames on the wall. Some of the most common photo wall layouts include the following:


       Centred – Several small frames surround a large frame in the middle of the wall.

       Square Blocks – Similar-sized square frames are symmetrically aligned on the wall.

       Checkered – Alternating small and bigger photo frames are placed across the wall.

       Tetris – Differently-sized picture frames are laid out on the wall so that they appear to complete a whole.

       On-a-Shelf – Photo frames of various sizes are placed on a shelf on the wall.

Except in the last layout, the photo wall can be better visualized by outlining each frame on the wall based on the standard photo frame sizes. This can be done using a painter's tape and a ruler to measure the exact frame size to be used.


3.      Choose the design and purchase the photo frames online.


Now, it’s time to select the style and buy picture frames online for the photo wall collage. There are numerous designs to choose from, but a classic black or white frame with a matte finish is always a top choice to give that classy, minimalist look.

4.      Place the photos inside the frame and hang them on the wall.

Once the pictures are printed, and the frames have been delivered, move to the final step. Get the printed photos and place them inside the frames, ensuring they fit perfectly and appear symmetrical.

Using a nail and a hammer, secure the hook for hanging the frame. Remove the painter’s tape and hang the photo frame on the wall. Repeat for the others until the photo wall is complete.

Everyone can now marvel at the result and take a trip down memory lane. The contemporary style and artistry involved in making the photo wall can truly give life to any home.

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