Risks of Excessive Cell Phone Use and The Android Parental Controls


Are you concerned about your child’s superfluous fondness with screens and smartphones? You are not the only parent who feels exasperated because of their child’s excessive interest in technology. Many parents feel anxious and sometimes helpless to take control over their teen’s attachment to smartphones.

Considering the extraordinary influence of digital media and electronic gadgets in our lives, it is understandable that kids feel curious to learn all about screens. But, an unbalanced obsession with screens, particularly with cell phones, can make your child vulnerable to countless dangerous threats.

What Happens When You Don’t Put Restrictions on Your Child’s Cell Phone Use?

How much screen time is sufficient for my kids?

As a parent, you must have asked the question to yourself at least a few times. To be honest, there is no hard and fast rule about allowing your child to use screens and smartphones. Since every child is different, parents need to contemplate the maturity level of each child while allowing them to step into the digital world. Don’t consider that when your friend’s kid has complete access to the smart devices and the Internet, then your child should also enjoy these privileges. Analyze your child’s weak point before letting them have access to electronics.

When you don’t put rules and limits on your teen’s cell phone use, here is what can happen:

1.     Screen Addiction

Your teen may develop smartphone addiction. They start carrying their phones with them 24/7 and usually tend to ignore initiating the conversations with people around them. This starts a lack of interpersonal skills in teenagers, which may cause a decreasing level of confidence in your child in the long run.

An obsession with social media and gaming apps also starts when your child has unrestricted access to their smartphones. Social media addiction can particularly distract your child from their academic responsibilities, which may result in poor progress at school.

2.     Sexting and Blackmail

Sexting has become a major and extremely common concern for parents who have given their teenagers smartphones. When you don’t monitor what your child is doing with their mobile devices, there is an intense threat of your child getting involved in sexting at some point in their adolescent era.

Sexting comes with cyberbullying and blackmailing. There is no guarantee that your child’s explicit photo would not be sent to those people who were not intended for that photograph in the beginning. Cyberbullying can lead to tremendously disturbing and distressing feelings in children.

The above-mentioned points are just a glimpse of the dangers your child is exposed to while using cell phones and clearly answer the question that whether parents should restrict their children’s cell phone privileges or not.

Android Parental Controls – The tool for parents

Without a doubt, it is apparent that using android parental control  has become a necessity for parents these days. Parental controls offered by specialized apps such as FamilyTime android parental control offer parents a hassle-free way of restricting and monitoring their child’s use of smart devices, ensuring a safe and secure digital conduct of teenagers. With the app in hand, parents can:

1.       View complete communication history of their kids

2.       Monitor their call logs to see who do they talk to

3.       Check their phone book to see details of the contacts saved

4.       Watchlist suspicious contacts to receive alerts

5.       Check web browsing history to know what web pages do their kids see

6.       Activate internet filters to keep kids safe from unwanted exposure

7.       View the list of installed apps to see their app usage

8.       Limit time of app usage as per the need

9.       Block the apps that they find inappropriate

10.   Lock their phone to save them from mental stress

11.   Schedule auto screen locks for the night, so they sleep well

12.   Track their location

13.   Geo fence places and receive auto alerts from them on entering or exiting those places

And much more. There is a long list of features offered by the FamilyTime app. All these features are related to monitoring and parental control. To explore the app yourself, give it a free try. You can get the trial version of the app from the app store on your phone. So visit the app store now. You can also get it in a jiffy from the buttons given below:

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