How Digital Signage Solutions Can Improve Sales in Marketing

Bringing a customer to the store is only half of the job, and the rest of it happens after the customer enters the store. Marketing efforts cannot stop simply because a customer has entered the store. In fact, it must be even more targeted and polished to actually result in a sale.


This is where modern tools like digital signage can bring in the desired results and enhance sales for a business. Digital signage is in fact a great contributor to your marketing efforts and enhances the overall results of the other channels as well.

Digital Signage: Crucial To A Mesmerising In-Store Experience

It goes without saying thata great customer experience can make a huge difference for any brand, regardless of its size or kind. That goes on to speak about how important in-store experience is for brick and mortar businesses in any part of the world.


Digital signage can effectively narrate the brand’s story, establishing a distinguished tone of voice and personality for the brand. It can increase customer engagement as well as loyalty to the brand. This is why most major businesses and brands are opting for the best digital signage software.


Digital signage, when effectively used by brands, can enrich the appeal of the store space, effectively enhance the spaciousness and lead to a delightful in-store experience for the customers. A



Nielsenstudy that tracked 120 grocers using digital signage in their stores, found that 80% of the grocers experienced over 33% boost in sales as compared to the ones who were printed signs.

How Digital Signage Can Be Used To Improve Sales For A Brand?

According tostudies, it was also noticed that more than 60% of consumers have said that digital signage has led them to purchase advertised products instead of or in addition to the product they wanted to purchase. That makes it clear how important digital signage can be for upselling as well as targeted product marketing campaigns.


Although, upsell and advertising are not the only capabilities of digital signage. It adds to the mobility within the store and adds to the dynamic nature instead of the more stagnant print signs. A lot of retailers, including small retailers as well, are therefore shifting to digital signage.


Digital signage can be used in a variety of ways to derive significant results from marketing campaigns and improve sales for a brand. Digital signage solutions allow stores to be part of the brand marketing plan with the use of just one single software dashboard. Changes to this software can be easily and quickly, even during store hours. This software also comes with features like proof of play (POP) reporting that can enable thorough documentation. 


This alone makes digital signage worth the investment. It is a common saying in the world of marketing that shoppers don’t like to be sold. With the use of digital signage, the sales efforts can be much less direct or aggressive and yet help send the message out about specials discounts or additional offers to the customers.


Quite naturally, with the use of digital signage, the overall productivity of a store is also enhanced as sales professionals can invest their time in other areas like adding product feature information, or providing specific product details and offers to the network. This makes digital signage solutions a great investment for modern brands, retails stores, and all kinds of brick and mortar businesses.



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