How to manage the instagram followers?

Instagram is a huge place filled with almost a billion people under a single name. It makes an opportunity for businesses to target the audience and market their services and products.  Although to market and make one's content reach the maximum of people, the account needs to have a huge number of instagram followers.

It a good feeling when a notification pops up that someone has followed one’s account. But people don’t get notifications of who unfollowed. It is a reality: Instagram is a place where people jeep on following and unfollowing accounts.  The account that has a high ratio of gaining instagram followers than losing them eventually grows exponentially, while it is true, for vice versa situations.

Therefore, one should not only know the trick of getting instagram followers but also how to maintain them and make sure they don't unfollow after a period of time.  The art of maintaining and managing instagram followers is quite hard but is possible. There is no one big thing one has to do, but a stack of small things that keep the followers connected and followed.

One should follow these few tips mentioned below to get started with managing the instagram followers and learn through the way to finally understand what element is the most helpful one to keep their followers connected.

·         Only post relevant and best content:

More often, people go on a streak of posting content and post whatever they feel like in the excitement. Although this is okay for a normal account, business accounts shouldn't do this: it is a bad practice. Don't forget that the business accounts are professional.

Therefore only post content that is relevant to one’s business and try to plan the posts in the best manner. Even though one posts only business-related content, but people still unfollow because the content doesn’t suit their tastes. Ensure that the content is in contrast with the business model.


·         Activate the community:

If one is serious about growing business with increasing the instagram followers, they need to stay connected to them.

Therefore one can activate an Instagram community that is filled with people who follow one's account. Here people could post comments, new ideas, their feedback, or FAQs if they want. It is will help in more engagement of the instagram followers and will help in managing them in an easier way.


·         Do research:

One of the biggest mistakes many business accounts do: is that they target all the audience. It is a bad practice as the business is in a particular niche. Therefore there will be a group of people who do not benefit from the product or service one is providing.

Therefore one can use the analytics to do research on what type of followers follow one's account. Check their age group, their genders, occupation, and other stuff to narrow down to one particular group. If one is successful in targeting the most beneficial group, their business will bloom in the end, gaining more instagram followers.


·         Make smart posts:

Another thing one should keep in mind is that it is better to make smart posts instead of spamming everyone’s feed with constant content. If one doesn't do that, no wonder people are unfollowing, and it is getting hard to manage the followers.

Keep the record of what kind of content one’s follower’s love. Are the videos? Or posts with long captions? Keep a record of everything and posts the content that the audience love.

The record can go as deep as what was font people love? Which filters have the best responses? Or what kind of content has the most comments and likes?


·         Use the new features:

Instagram is a platform that is constantly evolving and updating. Every month new features are added. Therefore one should learn these new features and use them to one’s advantage.

One such feature is the reels. They are a hit, and everyone loves watching short videos which are fun and entertaining.

One can use these reels to advertise the services and products in a creative way. Another new feature is the live option: one can go live and interact with the followers. It helps in user engagement and managing the instagram followers in a correct manner.


·         Keep the account searchable:

Instagram has more than a billion active users that open the application daily. Therefore there is a huge chance that many people will find one’s account is high.

All one has to do is make the account searchable and presentable. The explore tab is different for every person, therefore people who are interested in the same niche that one as a business in: might search for a particular product that one is selling. Keep the account clean and use analytics to be visible in the explore tab.


·         Use the marketing to the advantage:

Another thing one should keep in mind to manage their instagram followers is to market properly and use all the tactics and tools available in the market. One such feature that Instagram has provided to the users is the hashtag.

Hashtags are a great way to find posts, accounts, or people related to a certain topic. Therefore list the number of niche or sub-niches one's posts come under and use proper hashtags to market them. Use of around 15-20 hashtags is considered moderate, and therefore one can choose the tags properly to maximize the audience interaction.


·         Keep an eye on the comments:

The most crucial thing one should do to manage their instagram followers is to be active in the comment sections of the posts.

People often comment on their posts, asking questions, or giving feedback. Don't keep them hanging and just give a like. Make sure to answer all the questions and reply to them and be reachable.


Final thoughts

Using these tips, one will not only be able to manage their instagram followers, but also grow them. These tips are just the starting points, and as one slowly progressed, it is advisable to understand what exactly the followers want and then implement new strategies.


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