Top Call of Duty: Warzone Tips

Call of Duty: Warzone is one of the best free-to-play battle royale games that you will now find. It has some stunning maps, great graphics and fast-paced gameplay. If you are a beginner, you may find the game quite challenging.

You may notice that there are way too many things happening in the game. You might not even find yourself lasting for more than a few minutes if there are some expert players in the game. If you are wondering how to last longer and get enough kills, here are some of the top COD: Warzone tips for you:

Be Quick

You will need to show a lot of presence of mind. Even the slightest movement or route option can play a major factor in the direction in which the game is heading. It is essential to deploy the parachute at the right time and touchdown as fast as possible.

If you are quick with your landing on the map, you will have an advantage over other players by having enough time to find better equipment. You will also have to be wary of other players parachuting from the sky who can go into a free fall and fire at you.

If you are parachuting from the sky and spot some enemies, you will want to make the best of this situation by cutting your parachute for a few seconds and firing at them while freefalling. And you can use your parachute back again. Parachutes in this game are infinitely re-usable.

Use the Ping System

The ping the system is immensely resourceful if and when you know how to make good use of it. It will help you to identify the position of your enemies and mark them. Marking your enemies will allow you to have a better strategy.

Hence, it is a great way to inform your team, be better prepared and formulate a proper team strategy. Also, remember to pay attention to the map as it contains all the essential information.

Team Work is Everything

It will be quite hard to win this game if you are going at it alone and without adequate cover from your teammates. Teamwork is integral to this game. You will need to interact well with your teammates while playing the game.

Also, if you find that you have way too much cash on your hands from the loot, it is wise to split it with your teammates. Holding onto too much cash will be pointless if you happen to get eliminated quickly by your opponents. Hence, when you make sure your teammates have enough cash, they can spend it well on upgrades.

Be Aggressive

You will need to have a good loadout and quickly go to the places in the map where the action is. Try not to be too careful and timid in your playing style. Be proactive, take calculated risks and be quick in your movements.

In COD: Warzone, players don’t get to wear helmets or vests. Instead, players can use up to three armor plates under their uniform to increase their HP. Always remember to aim for the head.

Also, keep in mind that you can store up to five armor plates, and you may have to give them to your teammates when they need them. Also, try to get your hands on a loaded rocket launcher to cause some serious damage to your enemies. There always lots of enemy vehicles moving around on the roads and enemy helicopters flying around in the sky.

Use Vehicles Carefully

Vehicles are a great addition to the game. Players love to get an opportunity to drive them as it gives a novel gameplay experience. However, remember that certain vehicles can make you an easy target for snipers when you are driving around in open spaces.

If your opponent gets his hands on a rocket launcher, it will be hard for you to avoid the damage on your truck or helicopter. It is all about using the vehicles well and to your advantage.

Learn to Use Cheats

Cheats can give you a significant advantage over other players, especially if you are a beginner who isn’t even getting the opportunity to last long enough in the game. As this is a free-to-play game, you will find that there are many cheaters in the game. This is because if a cheater faces a ban, all he has to do is create a new Blizzard ID, and he can play the game again.

If you want to beat the cheaters, you might want to consider using some cheats yourself. The use of cheats will help you unlock many things in the game and help you move up. Use a good warzone hack if the odds are stacked up too high against you.

Complete Your Contract Tasks

You will usually three contracts in the game: Bounty, Scavenger and Recon contracts. These contracts come with a specific task that you will need to complete. You will be rewarded by way of cash, supply boxes and abilities.

Remember that you can only play one contract at a time. The emphasis in the game should be on making as much money as you possibly can. Hence, it is essential for you to not miss out on these contracts. They will also help you identify enemy locations.

Change Your Game Settings

If you find yourself having many lags or glitches in the game, consider making some changes in the graphics settings or perhaps decreasing the game resolution. This problem usually occurs for those whose computers don’t meet the specification requirements of the game. The idea is to increase the frames per second as much as possible. You will find many videos and articles on the Internet on improving your frames per second.

In Conclusion

Consistent practice and a good team will surely help you become a great COD: Warzone player in no time. You need to spend time and try to develop your unique signature playing style. This is what distinguishes professional gamers from casual gamers.

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