3 Tips and Tricks to Boost Your Credit Score in 2021

If you have a poor credit score, you can improve it by adhering to a couple of simple rules. These include paying all your bills on time, open new accounts and report to bureaus about them, and maintaining low loan balances. Then, with so much information overload online, it becomes hard to decide where you should start.

According to an article published in Entrepreneur, you need to keep your credit balances to the minimum for improving your score. No matter whether you want to build your credit right from nothing or want to rebuild it after the credit score has dipped, you need to know how to improve your score. Here are three tips and ideas to boost your score in 2021:

1. Avoid missing payments

Your payment record is the most essential aspect of figuring out your credit score. When you have a long record of timely payments, it will let you attain the best scores. To achieve this, you will need to pay all loans and bills on time. Yes, you must never miss these payments by over 29 days, especially those, which are late by a month or so. If you make late payments, it will be reported to your credit bureaus and damage your credit score.  

You can set up the automatic payment feature to avoid missed payments. It will help you make the minimum payment on time provided you do not overdraft your bank account. In case, you are having issues clearing a bill, consult with your credit card provider immediately and discuss your problems. Remember your Transunion credit score must look healthy so that you can apply for future loans and credit cards.

2. Pay previous due accounts fast

When you have failed to make payments in the past, bring those current to help improve your credit score. Late payment will stay on your credit history for a maximum of seven years and therefore, you need to bring all your unpaid accounts current. Besides, it prevents any more late-payments and the same does not show up in your credit record including additional late charges.

If you have problems with credit card loans, it is better to have a word with a credit counselor and choose a debt management plan (DMP). The counselor has the skills to negotiate to reduce the rates of interest and lower the payments. It will make the card issuer bring your old, unpaid accounts current to improve your credit score.

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3. Restrict how frequently you opt for new accounts

When you need to open new accounts to develop your credit file, you usually would like to restrict how frequently you submit applications. Every new credit application means rigorous inquiry that harms your score, however, inquiries may add up and have a compounding impact on your scores. When you open a new account, it will also reduce the account’s average age, harming your credit scores. Therefore, be careful about the number of applications you would like to submit.


There is no set rule as to how long it would take to build your score. You need to ensure that you are not damaging it and take the right steps to improve the same.

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