Pathlock vs. Saviynt - The Differences

Security should be a major priority for all businesses. 2020 was a train wreck, with record losses by businesses to cybercriminals. It has also led to 78% of companies lacking confidence in their cybersecurity setup.

Some solutions can protect your business from the inside out. Two such solutions are Pathlock and Saviynt.

In this guide, we discuss Pathlock vs Saviynt and the key differences between these two security solutions. We’ll also give you our favorite pick.

Cross Application Coverage

The best security systems offer cross-application coverage. While Saviynt is extremely effective in offering compatibility and integrations for SAP ECC and select other systems, this is where their protection stops.

Pathlock, on the other hand, not only covers SAP, but it also covers more than 100 other critical business systems and applications, including Salesforce and Oracle.

If your business needs wider protection, Pathlock offers a superior level of protection compared to Saviynt.

Inline Transactional Enforcement

In 2020, 7.5% of online sales were fraudulent. This is not only concerning to customers, but it also puts a huge implication on businesses that fail to stop it.

This is where inline transactional enforcement comes in. Unlike Saviynt, Pathlockoffers this feature. Essentially, it uses a selection of rules to block suspicious transactions in real-time.

Not only does Pathlock protect your customers, but it also defends your organization from liability issues.

For inline transaction enforcement, Pathlockis the no contest way to go.

Greater User Action Visibility

Activity monitoring fills in the gaps in your monitoring, security, and auditing. Organizations must be able to track any activity within the systems, not only to minimize risk, but to trace and lockdown threats before they can cause serious damage to your business.

While Saviyntoffers activity tracking and alerting within its systems, this is a mere point-in-time approach, which is not foolproof.

Pathlock offers comprehensive, real-time activity monitoring. This solution tracks everything a user did within  the systems, thus enabling the business to remain security compliant and create a system of impenetrable risk monitoring.

Unbeatable Reputation

The higher level of security and more comprehensive systems offered by Pathlock means that it has developed a reputation for being simply unbeatable. In other words, Pathlock goes the extra mile when compared to Saviynt. Today, Pathlock remains the only comprehensive solution that enables organizations to remain SOX, GDPR, CCPA, and HIPPA compliant all at the same time.


Companies often struggle to decide between Saviynt vs.Pathlock because they both offer similar products. However, there are some key differences between the two.

If your business handles sensitive data and must comply with stronger data governance frameworks, Pathlock is clearlyour pick.



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