5 Apps That Can Make A Translator’s Life Easier


Translating any document can be a stressful task. Many things come into play when you need to translate files from one language to another. You need to consider the nuances, syntaxes, contexts, and other important disparities between the origin and target language. The cultural differences between the languages also matter. The translator’s goal is to ensure that the original and translated text carry the same information with the same level of integrity. This can be a difficult task to achieve when the translator is not equipped with the right tools. As a provider of online translation services, having the right tools can significantly improve your target audience’s quality of translation services. Below are some of the common apps that can be used to improve the quality of your life as a translator.


Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT)

AI translators offer a wide range of advantages to translators worldwide. Although AI translators are not always accurate, they can significantly reduce the stress and hassles associated with translation. In addition to this, you can get a good laugh out of some of the translated texts. AI translations have come a long way since translators started using them some years ago. With more machine learning AI translation has become a lot more accurate and may require the human translator to make only a few changes to pass on accurate messages in the right context. 

Many AI translation apps can be used to improve the quality of translation outputs. Other translation apps also offer excellent dictionaries that help the human translator access other word options and choices for a perfect output. Some also give information on the context of word choices, thus reducing the significant brainpower required to complete translation tasks.

Bilingual Dictionary

A translator’s armor of translation tools is not complete without a dictionary. Dictionaries in both the source and target languages should be available to help the translator better understand their word choices. Several dictionary apps offer this service to translators. Some apps have also been designed to offer support for many major languages, thus allowing translators to cross-reference appropriate words that can be used when translating from one language to another. These word suggestions make it a lot easier for translators to pick the appropriate words based on context.

Some other apps also have forums that enable users to search for posts and discussions that give a better insight into the world of translation. These posts can help translators improve their craft while learning more from the professionals in their fields.


Editing and Proofreading

The final copy of any translated text must be perfect. It should carry on the same information as contained in the original document while being free from errors. A good way to ensure that your translation is free from errors is to have the right editing and proofreading tools. Proofreading and editing can be done simultaneously using apps designed to check grammar, spelling, and syntaxes. Translators should remember that the apps used when editing and proofreading should be focused on the target language. In addition, editing and proofreading apps are not 100% accurate.


PDF Editable Apps

Sometimes, clients send over non-editable documents. Choosing the right app for this need can make the translator’s job a lot easier. Be sure to look for apps that can convert PDF format documents to editable document files to aid the translation process. Several apps can be used to achieve this desired aim; one of them is PDFEscape. This app allows users to import documents directly using the mobile app or on the website.


A Good VPN

Translators may find it hard to access their target websites due to location-specific blocks from the webmaster. A good way to navigate this problem is to get a good VPN that offers access to the client’s website. A VPN is a Virtual Private Network that grants the user access to restricted websites. With access to the website, you can assess some of the sensitive information that has been shared by the client, thus making your job a lot easier.

These tools are by no means an exhaustive list; however, they will significantly improve your translation experience and boost the quality of your translation service. Remember that clients will always favor premium quality translations, which can increase the number of future projects awarded.

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