How to make pdf editable? Read The Article below To Find Out!

The article below contains all the information regarding pdfs and how to make them editable. Along with that, a few frequently asked questions are also answered by the writer.

What is a pdf?

The full-form of pdf is portable document format. Pdf is used for storing files, documents, important papers, information, photos, graphs and much more. The concept of pdf was developed by the software company adobe. The speciality of pdf is that, the images, diagrams, graphs can be saved in various shapes, sizes, fonts. In today’s world, pdfs are the most usual files which are used for storing data.

There are various reasons why the pdfs worked so successfully is because they can be used by all. Also, they are independent of hardware, software, paper and devices. They work on all mobiles and devices.

For using them, the user just needs to know how to open, edit, delete and store the pdf. These are the basic functions that can be performed on the data that is inside the pdf. All the data, can also be printed

The language that is used for making these pdf files is post script language. The post script is also called as PS and is used for describing pages. These languages are concatenative languages and are created by adobe software systems.

The pdf cannot be opened on all the platforms, and the user will require the adobe opener for using the pdf.

Why did the pdf gain so much popularity?

Pdf is preferred over all the other file storing systems. This is because of only one reason which is when the pdf is sent and received numerous times, the template, positioning of the data, images is not changed. The layout remains the same even if the user edits the file 1000 times.

This feature makes it so much easy for the user to use the file and to handle the data. Another feature of the pdf that made it so successful is because of the size and the capacity of the file. The creator has enabled the user to store large number of files on the pdf. Also, there are various layers of protection that the pdf provides to the data inside. This makes it hard for the robber or hacker to steal the data.

The next feature that makes the pdf so much popular is the password protected feature. If the user wants to protect the data that is inside the pdf then he can assign a password to the file. This password will not let any other person to have access to the data that is inside of it.

The next reason why the pdfs should be preferred is that, the pdfs are independent of the software versions, OS, and much more. The pdf can be opened on any platform, device, software and therefore can be used without any hassle. The pdfs can also be used from mobile devices.

Also, the format of the pdf is such that any form of file like word, ppt, excel sheet all can be converted into a pdf. For converting so, the user can download any application that is available on the playstore. Also, the user can convert it online through various online websites that are made just for that purpose.

How to use a pdf?

Since, pdf only works on adobe reader the user would have to download the latest version of adobe. For downloading the latest version, the user has to visit the official website of adobe. Before downloading adobe, the user has to check the software version of the device that he is using. After downloading, installing the software, the user has to open an account on the software. Registering on the software is mandatory if the user wants to save and edit the pdf.

How to convert a .pdf file to a .docx file and vice versa?

For converting a pdf file into a word file, the user has to google search for finding websites that perform these operations. There are some websites that do these conversions without charging any money. Once, the user finds a suitable website, he has to upload the pdf on the website. Once, the pdf is uploaded on the website the user has to click on the convert button. The converted file will be emailed or sent to the user through a social media platform. Along with that, the user would also be able to download the file directly through the website.For converting any file to pdf or a pdf file to any other file, the user has to follow the same steps. The only crucial instruction is that the user should choose the website carefully cause if the file has confidential and important stuff and the site is not legit then it might lead to phishing, hacking or editing the content inside the pdf.

How to make pdf editable?

There are various ways of making a pdf editable and one of them is by downloading adobe reader. Adobe reader is an application/software that is used for reading a pdf properly. Along with that, the user can also use online websites for making the pdf editable.

How to choose a website for editing the pdf?

·         Free

The website the user chooses should do the work for free. While, there are some websites that charge money for editing a pdf, there are website which charge money for the partial job. There are also websites that charge no money for editing the pdf. The user should choose these websites.

·         Legitimacy

The website should be free but it should also be legit. The user should choose the legitimacy of the website. This step is important for people who are going to covert important and confidential files. The legitimacy of the website can be checked by using the popularity of the website and also the monthly site traffic of the website.

·         Accuracy

The website should be performing accurately all the features and functions that are mentioned. The content inside the file should not be altered at any cost.




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