Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Phoenix, AZ


Are you a small business looking to grow your business in the Phoenix area? Would you like to reach out to new customers or let existing customers know that you have added new services or products to your business? Or maybe you feel that your current website isn't resulting in new business the way you expected. If your business can use a boost in jobs or new customers, improving your digital marketing is a good place to start. Whether you currently have a website or not, digital marketing will draw in the new customers and business you are looking for.

Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

Many business owners work on their own, or with a very small team. It's likely that your schedule is filled with work and the day-to-day for your business, leaving you very little time for marketing. But without consistent marketing to new customers, you can’t expect for your business and customer base to grow.

Digital marketing is the best way to drive new business and highlight new services to potential customers. Small business marketing services can improve your marketing in the following ways:

1. Create and Manage Your Website

Having a website is like having a digital business card for your business. Customers can see what you offer and can contact you quickly. You can highlight your strengths and focus on increasing business in those areas. But, your website needs to be easy-to-navigate and professional-looking, so visitors will trust the quality of your work.

2. Drive Traffic with Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a primary method of driving search engine traffic to your website. Using proven SEO methods,your marketing agency creates website content that will answer questions that customers will search for on Google.

For example, a potential customer may search for "install a new bathroom." If your website has content relating to installing a new bathroom, Google will make the connection and list your company's bathroom installation content on the search engine response page (SERP).

3. Market to Local Customers

Using local marketing techniques, your medical digital marketing agency will ensure that when customers search for a local business, they are directed to your business. A common local search is "near me", or for companies that offer services in the home, such as an electrician. When someone searches in your geographical area for a "electrician near me," your name should come up.

4. Manage Content Marketing

Having a website is a great start to marketing your business online. However, there are more ways your website content can increase visits to your website. One key element to your successful digital marketing is content marketing. Content marketing is essentially creating content that will answer questions and offer helpful information to potential customers. Content marketing encompasses your own website content, and content produced for other websites that link back to your website. The ultimate goal for content marketing is to create more avenues for potential customers to connect with your business.

5. Managing Social Media

We hear a lot about social media these days because it is a top way people connect with each other. However, your company can use social media to engage with customers and drive new business. A good digital marketing company can both advertise on social media sites and manage your own social media channels on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and other channels.

With a goal of actively engaging with customers on a social site, your marketing agency can manage questions, problems, and create fun interactions using social media channels. Some companies use social media as the way they respond to customer service issues. You can work with a digital marketing firm to select the social sites to advertise on and how you want to manage your social media accounts.

6. Developing PPC Marketing

Pay-per-click marketing is exactly what the name says. You pay for each click that someone makes on your ad that you place on sites such as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. PPC ads are placed where someone interested in your specific services will see them. But you only pay for actual clicks, not for views. When used in tandem with other marketing and advertising, PPC can be an extremely effective way to market online.

Best Digital Marketing Agencies for You to Work With in Phoenix

There are several digital marketing companies that will work with you in Phoenix, Arizona. They are:

  • BizIQ - BizIQ is a full-service marketing agency in Phoenix dedicated to providing the best digital marketing services to your small business. They work specifically with small businesses to create cost-effective solutions tailored to your digital marketing needs.
  • Jack & Bean - Jack & Bean focuses on SEO and content marketing to drive organic traffic and build brand awareness. They specialize in WordPress website development, content writing, and content strategy for your business.
  • Markitors - Marketors specializes in SEO for small businesses. They conduct SEO audits to help companies determine their needs for keyword research, local SEO, lead generation services, SEO copywriting, and on-page SEO.
  • SocialSEO - SocialSEO is a digital marketing agency focused on local and national SEO, e-commerce SEO, SEM services, social media, and email marketing. They also work with influencer marketing and video services.
  • Thrive - Thrive is a marketing agency working with web design, digital marketing, social media marketing, reputation management, Amazon marketing, and e-commerce marketing. They will host your website and design, manage, and write content for it.


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