5 Must-Have Golf Equipment In 2022


The new year fosters great hope and happiness, especially if we think about having new gears in our golfing inventory. If you want to reward yourself with new equipment for performing well in your favorite sport this year, here are some things to consider before purchasing a golf practice setup.


Golf Rangefinder


Rangefinders are guiding stars on the golf course. If you still do not own one, make sure to get it this new year. This device contributes to the accuracy of your shot. You will never worry about guessing your distance with your target, as this device will do it for you, using either a laser beam or a GPS tracker. 


Now, you can save more time and focus on the more important parts of the game. Also, a rangefinder is pocket-size, so you can bring this device anywhere while it sits comfy in your golf bag.


Rain Gear


A margin of error for the weather forecasts is inevitable, and we cannot accurately determine how the day will go. Hence, it will be best to be ready to avoid unfortunate things. Rain gear should come with waterproof garments such as pants, jackets, and gloves. Plus, get an umbrella for further protection for you and your bag.


Club Cleaning Brush


This simple material will not only prolong the life of your beloved golf club, but it will make your plays better. The special bristles will surely remove the dirt deposits from the deep and narrow spaces of the golf club parts, preventing rust and damage over time. Further, a clean and smooth clubhead will perform better and contact the ball.


Golf Simulator


An indoor golf simulator is a great addition to your equipment as this assures a return on your investment . This device cancels out the bad news of an upcoming typhoon or an early and extended winter.


With just a room spacious enough, you can enjoy playing golf with your family and friends in any weather. This device also lets you play virtually at multiple golf courses. 


The Garmin Approach R10, for example, provides over 42,000 built-in golf courses, with many of them based on real-life grounds. That way, you can examine these different locations as preparation before physically playing on them. 


The best part is that this golf simulator is equipped with other metrics to measure your game performance. It will record your gameplay and provide accurate analytics. This feedback will help in improving your golfing skills.


If you're a career player, there are plenty of high-end simulators with fancier features. Still, you can go with entry-level Garmin golf simulators and trust a boost in your golfing game in just a few weeks of playing on it!


Clubhead Covers


This material is pretty useful for your equipment. Having multiple clubs and carrying them together may cause them to bump into each other and cause unnecessary damage. So, it is needed to have strong and capable covers to keep the clubheads neat and valuable. You have various shapes to choose from and variants having artistic designs.


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