Cryptocurrency: Accepting of Crypto as Payment Option


While BTC (Bitcoin) was valued at around $900 back then, recent BTC prices have ranged from $13,000 to $20,000, indicating that the trend toward using bitcoin as a payment option is just getting started. There are now several airlines and online travel providers that accept Bitcoin and other digital currencies as payment.

Major virtual currencies are a part of the weekly news and even the discourse in the family and at a local bar. As the value of cryptocurrencies has skyrocketed in the last year, more and more people are turning to them as a payment method in instead of cash or credit cards. Bitcoin Prime is one of the leading exchange and source for crypto news. Check it out now.


1.      Mastercard

 MasterCard said in November that it would allow its network partners to enable their customers to purchase, trade, and retain cryptocurrencies through a digital wallet and reward them with crypto under their loyalty programs.

We would replace customer loyalty points with cryptocurrencies in this approach. As part of a partnership with Intercontinental Exchange-owned Bakkt Holdings Inc, created in 2018, MasterCard will offer new crypto services to its clients.


2.      The Virgin Galactic

 If you'd rather be in space than on a bus, Virgin Galactic has you covered! A commercial space flight enterprise run by Sir Richard Branson will take Bitcoins for payment. The SpaceShipTwo system enables more frequent and faster space exploration and testing.


3.      Expedia

 It uses Coinbase and exclusively takes Bitcoin for hotel reservations. As of July 2, 2018, an Expedia spokeswoman indicated that Expedia would not accept bitcoin for hotel or airfare bookings but that the business is considering other solutions. According to the company's spokesman, they are sorry for any trouble this adjustment has caused and have offered their apologies.



 Since it was on the blockchain, Travala has more choices for cryptocurrency payments than any other travel booking site, including credit and debit cards. Using this service, you may use practically any digital money to book from over 2 million different hotels, airlines, and other travel accommodations worldwide.

Two hundred thirty nations and territories are available to book, with prices up to 40% lower than those offered by other travel websites. It is possible to discover a better price on another booking site, and Travala will reimburse the difference. It offers perks like discounts on bookings, additional incentives, and a loyalty program to encourage the usage of the token.


5.      ETravelSmart

 Online bus ticketing provider ETravelSmart in India now takes Bitcoins through Unocoin, a service provided by Unocoin. ETravelSmart chose Unocoin because it is an alternative payment method that is "unaffected by charge-backs, volatility, or transaction fees."

ETravelSmart's booking process is quite simple, and they'll reward you with a modest discount if you phone or use their mobile app. I strongly encourage you to take advantage of this service and use your Bitcoins as much as possible whenever possible.



 When planning a trip, Destinia offers a wide range of choices. In over 90 countries, there are no restrictions on using Bitcoins to make reservations for hotels, flights, vehicles, buses, trains, or even skiing vacations. It's possible to plan holidays based on various themes, such as festivals or honeymoons, using this website's tools.

For the best deals from over 500 airlines and 500,000 hotels worldwide, you may pay with these cryptocurrencies or other alternatives from 76 accessible currencies.



 TravelbyBit allows Bitcoin, LTC, Tether, and more traditional payment options. Additionally, all cryptocurrencies get you a 1.5 percent reduction in credit card costs. Instead of depending on a third party to handle your payments, our website will change your cryptocurrency straight into fiat cash to complete your booking.


8.      Alternative Airlines

 Alternative Airlines offers Bitcoin, ETH, LTC, XRP, Tether, and UTK through, Utrust, and more than 160 other cryptocurrencies. We may use more than 40 currencies to pay for a flight using bitcoin.

Using Alternative Airlines, you may create a multi-city itinerary that incorporates several distinct destinations on the same trip. You may also use the Best Fare Finder if your trip dates are more open and you're looking for the best deal. Finding more economical choices is easy with this tool, which analyses airfares from different weekdays.




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