How To Practice Mindfulness While Using Social Media


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You may not like social media, or you may love it. If you're anything like most people, it's a little bit of both! After all, it can be a lot of work. Not only can we waste our lives away on it, but it also makes us vulnerable to engaging with harmful content and unhealthy comparisons. 

On the other hand, there's a lot to like about it. When you have friends and family worldwide, social media is a great way to stay in touch with them. It'sIt's hard for many people to figure out how to use social media in a mindful way and with the proper care. Is there a healthy way to use it that encourages community and connection without all the extra baggage? Let'sLet's find out.

Decide What You Want To Achieve

Stop, take a moment to remind yourself that your ultimate goal is to have a pleasant experience with social media.

Remember To Keep Your Focus On The Here And Now

Being present is the only way to actually feel happy, and the more you do this, the less negativity will rub off on you. Make it a sensory experience. Observe the sensations of your fingers contacting on the screen, how comfortable your seat is, and the cadence of your breath to avoid getting bogged down by your thoughts.

Do Some Spring Cleaning On Your Feed

Make a conscious decision to replace the negative with the positive. Taking this into consideration will significantly impact your psyche if you accidentally stumble across any unfavorable content. Whoever you choose to follow is entirely within your power, so surround yourself with things that make you feel good about yourself. 


Let Go Of Perfectionism

You may start to convince yourself that many likes equal affirmation and that the more likes you get, the more valued or respected you are, or that not getting likes somehow indicates that no one likes you. But the truth is, to be truly happy, you must be at peace knowing that what you're posting is purely for your own enjoyment and not the approval of others. 

However, consider seeing a licensed therapist if you're having trouble letting go of your inner critic. Visit BetterHelp to learn more. 

Post Pleasant Or Helpful Content

This applies to both posting and commenting. Is what I post positive? YES Avoid complaining, arguing, and bad conversations. This can be draining not only for you but also for your viewers. 

Every time you go online, commend or thank one or two people. Try to transmit love and good vibes, not just for the benefit of others but also for your own mental health!

Not to say that we should ignore negative things or hide or suppress our true feelings, but to prevent sliding further into pessimism, we should try to see things positively.

Approach Social Media Without Judgement 

Even though we all know it's important, are we truly doing it? The repercussions of being judgmental are essential to keep in mind. When you harbor unkind thoughts about people, you suffer emotionally, not the other person.

Always keep in mind that bad feelings are the result of negative thinking. If you want to feel good about yourself, you need to think positively about other people. If you ever find yourself passing judgment on another individual, consider three virtuous characteristics that person has going for them.


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