The Benefits Of Monogamy In Modern Times

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Monogamy has a bad reputation because people say it's an archaic practice. And it absolutely can be. But anything worth fighting for will put you through the figurative meat grinder, even monogamy. So, before you bring up the idea of opening up your relationship to be hip and modern, consider these excellent benefits that may have you rethinking the search for a third. 

It's Possible For Sex to Improve Over Time

Monogamy is more than just tying the knot before the weight of the world falls on your shoulders. Getting older might also mean that you grow more comfortable in your own skin and that your partner is so familiar with your body that turning off the light won't be a requirement anymore. If you put in the time, you and your lover can discover new routes to your sweet spots. With this comfort level, why would you want to continue having to start over with a new person?

STDs Would No Longer Be An Issue 

Sexually transmitted diseases shouldn't be a concern anymore as long as both of you are abiding by your sexual exclusivity agreements.

You'll Be Relieved Of The Constant Pressure To Maintain Your Appearance

This isn't to say that you should abandon all hygiene and grooming habits after making a long-term commitment. When you've been married for a long time, the more special it will be to put on your best outfit to go out. Because of this, the ludicrous standards of beauty that people—especially women—are required to meet these days are immediately decreased when you've spent a long time bonding with your partner. However, if your self-esteem is getting in the way of having a happy relationship, you should visit BetterHelp to browse a variety of resources that could help you overcome these feelings. 


Open Relationships Aren't For Everyone

As a result of their lack of jealousy, some people out there can successfully navigate the complex seas of a relationship with little or no limits to the partners each person can have. This isn't to say that it can never be done; instead, most of us are ordinary folk who thrive on the certainty of their exclusive partnership.

Monogamy Is Beneficial To The World


Being an honest monogamist is a good exercise in civic duty. By remaining true to your partner, you reduce the number of people with whom somebody else's spouse can have an affair. Monogamists give back to the community!

Cheating Can Get Out Of Control

Having an affair can offer you a rush that you haven't felt in years, but what is it really good for? You'll just convince yourself that it was a meaningless release of tensions and that you still value your partner the same as before. But the truth is, the more you cheat, the less you'll start to think of your partner, and therefore the less you'll see the worth of your marriage. This can lead to viewing love and human relationships with cynicism, which is the furthest thing from a happy existence. 

Monogamy Has Meaning

Monogamy isn't important just because religion or a government-issued sheet of paper says it is. Or because you've dressed up in a frilly white dress or ironed tux. Monogamy has meaning when the two people involved in it stay faithful to each other and choose to do so each and every day, and only then does it have true power. 


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