5 Ways to Improve Work From Home Productivity


The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the world’s order as we know it. Businesses suffered, education halted, and health institutions had to find new ways to offer essential services. However, it also highlighted new realities and possibilities that would have taken another decade to implement fully. One such reality is remote work.


Remote work has broadened the horizon of employees as corporations now have to jostle in a global talent pool. Millennials, who comprise the largest workforce, are tech-savvy and seek more flexible work schedules. Companies must adjust or risk missing out on the best talent to accommodate this change.



Optimizing WFM Productivity

Working from home reduces commute stress and helps employees save valuable time to do more productive tasks. The biggest plus of working from home is the increased flexibility that comes with it. Workers get to choose the most suitable time to execute tasks and allow them to do other things that matter to them.


This flexibility helps reduce stress and leads to a healthier life. However, the biggest challenge of working from home is loneliness. Another challenger is maintaining optimal productivity. Here are five tips to improve work from home productivity.



1. Set a Schedule

One of the many benefits of going to an office is you have a constant schedule. Preparing for work and the habit built at work helps your mind be more productive. When working from home, it is easy to discard this pattern as other pressing matters jostle for your time. The key to being productive while working from home is having a schedule and sticking to it.


First, you want to identify your most productive hours. Then cross out any activity that might alter this routine. You want to eliminate distractions, ensure kids are dropped off in school, and your grocery needs are covered. Also, you’d want to inform colleagues that you’d be reachable and available during that time to increase accountability. 


2. Create an Effective Workspace

No matter how appealing working on your bed or sofa seems, choosing a specific work area will help improve your productivity. Differentiating the work area from other parts of the living room improves concentration. Choosing a well-lit and quiet area helps reduce the production of melatonin that would have been an obstacle in your dark and cozy bedroom. It’s your way of telling your brain that it’s time to work.


It can be demoralizing when you’re all set up and ready to work and find out that your laptop is faulty. You want to ensure that all your working tools are in top condition. And when they’re not, nothing beats having same-day scheduled appointments or within 24 hours diagnosis calls.


To find repair technicians close to you, searching online for ‘computer repair near me’ is a good and general search query to use to find nearby services, but for more specific needs if you own a Windows operating PC like a Dell, ‘Dell computer repair near me’ will help you get a qualified and affordable quote for your repair needs.


3. Limit Distractions

One struggle with working from home is finding the motivation to work. When you finally do, there are so many distractions that contend with your productivity. Working from home means you see all the chores you have left undone. Not forgetting the temptations that come from watching television or social media.


Ensure you have time allocated to do or complete chores before work. If your workspace is dirty and untidy, it is easy to get distracted and uninterested in working. Rather than the TV, you can opt for music instead. Research shows that music can help improve mood, reduce stress, and enhance cognitive performance.


4. Get Dressed

This is a psychological trick that helps you get out of your head. Routines help shape the day and sometimes dictate the mood for accomplishments. Getting dressed for work can help tune you to the mental frequency for work and improve productivity. Putting on new clothes can help eliminate sluggishness and get the day started.  


You don’t have to pull off corporate wear to be in the zone but putting on something other than your pajamas is a good start. Of course, one of the perks of remote work is comfort. But a little thought into what you wear can help improve productivity.


5. Exercise Regularly

Working from home reduces mobility and increases a sedentary lifestyle. You frequent the fridge more often than if you were in the office. Sustaining this pattern for a prolonged period can increase the risk of obesity. Remote work increases the risk of social isolation and poor mental health.


Regular exercise helps reduce these risks and improve performance. Exercise helps regulate blood sugar and strengthens the bones. It improves blood flow to the brain, sharpens the mind, and keeps you alert. It also reduces the risk of heart diseases and cancer, ensuring a healthy personal and professional life.


Know Yourself

You need to understand what works for you to get the best of working from home. As long as you deliver on your tasks, nothing else matters. Are you a morning or night person? Find out what works best for you and build routines to be more productive. 


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